Stealing the Moon, Hennepin, Illinois


Lots of talk about the BIG moon the last few days, So I begrudgingly went about chasing that perfect shot. I had to search for the perfect location for the moon rise, so myself and a few close friends, went about driving the countryside in his new to him vehicle and after a Facebook post encouraging tresspassing, I decided to take the risk, the minutes tick off, no police, the image is lined up and captured. Then Bam, the policeman shows up. No worries though, it was explained what I was doing, that I was very sorry for it, and that if ya see the photo you will understand. So here you go, Enjoy!


Lightning, Hennepin, Illinois, May 3, 2012

It was a bit scary last nite, as it was one BOLT after another with Earth shaking thunder. But the photos turned out great.

Here are a few, photos, Enjoy!


All photos are © 2012 Erebos Photographic Studios, Quentin J Buffington, Photographer