Baby Elephants…

“Of all lies, art is the least untrue.”

  • Gustave Flaubert

I do love my elephant collection, I did not spend much on this pair but they were to hard to not pass up. I love that there is such detail in this and I hope someday to go on a Safari and photograph some real elephants. Photographing these did have me get them all cleaned up and pretty for their photographic debut. I enjoyed playing the with the lighting on this one and the angle when I photographed this. I wondered if someone driving by saw the lighting changing in the window and wondered what the hell was going on or if people even notice things anymore.

This photo quest has me noticing quite a bit more. I have slammed on the brakes so much I had to add brake fluid. They also are starting to squeak. Heads up on that one because I will most likely take a photo of that and post it. You know the changing of the brake pads, the dirty hands, the manly tools, the lift. Of course this is all in my buddies garage, which reminds me, I think I owe him some Bud Light Lime. I have always enjoyed the working on the vehicle. Except my Moms car, she usually fails to mention noises, or cannot read the sticker reminding her when her oil is due. This usually leads to a crisis of epic proportions. Some day I will not get angry when I take her car for a drive and realize the brakes are way way beyond shot.

I will say part of me enjoys driving but most of me hates it. When I go somewhere I prefer to look around, see what is going on, check things out. I stare out the window and remember buildings and scenes and odd things that help me find my way around. On a recent trip to LA we were walking and I was directing our way back because I remembered the shape of the building, what kind of lights were near it, and some of the twists and turns in the streets that were not very uniform and orderly.

I say I go out and get lost, but somewhere in my head is one hell of a databank of things in places that form a map. Asking me for directions is not about street names, it is about visual cues, which can suck for the person asking directions. The best thing about remembering and the way to tie this back to the elephants, is once I was told I try to find interest in the whole scene. I do this by remembering and seeing the photos months and years ahead of actually being able to take some of them. Stop and look around or you will miss the best parts of your life.


A playful pair of elephants in my still life studio.

A playful pair of elephants in my still life studio.