Bacon Cinnamon Roll…

“Friendship has always belonged to the core of my spiritual journey.”

  • Henri Nouwen

So I have always been a fan of Bacon. I mean honestly what guy is not a fan of Bacon. Well I know a few and they do not partake as it is against their religion, and I respect that. That brings up the question that if you do not know what something like say Bacon tastes like are you really missing it? I have never had Caviar or Fugu or Monkey Brains so do I know what I am missing like my friends who have never had bacon? Caviar is salt cured fish eggs and is one of the oldest delicacies in the world, something I might give a try one day. Fugu is a fish from Indonesia that if prepared the wrong way could kill you, way way down on my list of things to try. Monkey Brains I saw in one of the Indiana Jones movies and aside from being self explanatory, something I promise you I will NEVER eat.

So if you listen to those that enjoy a certain food, you do not know what your missing. Of course nowadays we have parents cooking about four different meals a night to satisfy kids who do not like this or that simply because of color or texture let alone taste. I did read once somewhere that in order to truly not like a food you have to taste it several times. I ate beef liver and onions once, I was sick for days, I was the only one in the family to do so, eight of us ate it. Guess what, I never have eaten it again. I did not have to eat it again to know that I did not like it.

So the photo of the day, is a Bacon Cinnamon Roll, I watched being made from scratch at my buddies deli/restaurant. Earlier in the week I had posted a photograph from a message board to their Facebook page, showing a packaged cinnamon roll being unrolled, a piece of bacon placed on it and being rolled back up. I thought what a genius idea that needed to be shared. So Saturday mornings, I stop in after my workout and have coffee and chat with Mike and Steve as they prepare for the day at Mareta’s in LaSalle. Occasionally it has a perk of being a taste tester for new menu items. This particular morning, I walk in and Steve starts razzing me about being spoiled and to check out what his brother is making. I get my coffee and there he is, rolling out the Cinnamon rolls and bacon is frying on the flattop and at that moment I knew he was trying my idea. I actually have quite a few photos of the whole process, the rolling, the butter, the cinnamon and sugar, the pecans, the golden raisins, and finally that thick bacon, placed so when cut it would give you bites of all as to not overwhelm. I was there when it was baking, the scent making the mouth water, and coming out piping hot and waiting for a drizzle of frosting. The result of all that hard work is what you see here. Trust me it tastes as good as it looks. When these are on the menu, and you like bacon, promise me you will go get one, you will be glad you did, I promise!

A piping hot fresh Bacon Cinnamon Roll fresh from the ovens at Mareta Deli in LaSalle Illinois.

A piping hot fresh Bacon Cinnamon Roll fresh from the ovens at Mareta Deli in LaSalle Illinois.