Barn in Ruins…

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

So it was a great day for a Barn hunt. I put in my Johnny Cash, James Brown mix, hey do not judge me my tastes in music are varied, and I started to head south and then east and then south some more, before heading back home.  I took a variety of photographs and not just of barns. One of the more interesting but not my favorite for the day was a photograph taken in Putnam County Near the McNabb Blacktop road of Wind turbines almost 16 miles away, and even more amazing is that you can see the individual blades. I am more amazed daily with the capabilities that a digital photography workflow allows. Doing all these regular edits is also helping me get better and faster with my Lightroom and Photoshop skills.

I chose this one as my favorite because I think it speaks to more than just a collapsing barn and forgotten windmill.  Almost a forgotten way of life. Slowly more and more of these barns and windmills are lost to time. So as James Brown was singing “This is a Mans world” I was capturing this image. I get into my truck and listen to the words that “man made the electric light, to take us out of the dark” and I see the windmill and think how it was replaced with more reliable electric pumps. Left to slowly wind out its remaining days a victim to the wind it was designed to catch. The barn apparently a victim to the same winds that constantly kiss the Illinois Prairie.

So to recap the month as this is the photo of the day for the end of March, 1034 files, totaling 21.2 gigabytes. That figures out to about a roll of film per day, now some days more photos than a roll, and some days only a couple of photos taken so it it not always a “roll” of film taken everyday. That also translates to about 21 megabytes per photo on average. The TIFF files tend to be about 100 or so megabytes per file and the JPEG files tend to be about 1 megabyte per file with the RAW files running anywhere from 18 to 26 megabytes. I will say this 33.4 files per day is about where I want to be about one roll of film per day.

Enjoy and think about what your 400 words would be when you look at this photograph!

A wind and weather worn barn and windmill north of Lostant, Illinois.

A wind and weather worn barn and windmill north of Lostant, Illinois.