Baseball 2014…

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

  • John Quincy Adams

It is one week to opening night of Baseball. I never really played, there was a stint in the minor leagues when I was younger, I think I was 8. I had very little training, and even less encouraging enthusiasm. There is a photo of me in my uniform somewhere, hopefully my Mommy lost it, but she can be a bit of a hoarder, so I am sure it is in a box somewhere that she will be able to go right out and get and scan and post. Ask her to remember when her oil needs to be changed and her eyes glaze over and she starts to fidget. Ask her where to find the leaf collection I did for Mrs. Edge in the second grade is at and she can find it instantly. I am just as bad though but we will not get into that.

I really kinda wish I had stuck with baseball, I really do enjoy the game and watch quite a few games. Life long Cub fan here but will watch any game when it is on. I call any Cub fan a true baseball fan, because it is not about winning it all. It is about enjoying the baseball game and all that fun stuff that goes with it. I was once on TV back in the Harry Carey days of the Cubs. I was at a game with my cousin, the Doc, and we had a beer and my seat was next to one of the upright supports. I somehow dozed off, something I can do just about anywhere, and a foul ball was hit a few rows in front of us. Well there I was on camera, zoomed in on me, asleep against the upright support, beer in my lap, and Harry Carey comments about “someone really enjoying today’s game”. Damo just looked at me laughed, and woke me up and told me about diving for the ball and how could I sleep through that. I am not sure, I just did.

So anyway, the countdown was on, 1 week away from opening night and thank God my younger brother had a baseball in his car, or I would not have had my photo of the day. I had my heart set on baseball for the photo of the day. Enjoy!

A baseball waiting for opening night!

A baseball waiting for opening night!