Burning Grass…

“Ill habits gather unseen degrees, as brooks make rivers, rivers run to the seas.”

  • John Dryden

I had noticed this plume of smoke in the sky and went off to find it. I figured they were burning the Wetlands in Hennepin and got there in time to see this wall of fire approaching quite rapidly towards the road. I have through my years of firefighting and controlled Prairie Grass burns knew where I was that it was not all that dangerous. Looks impressive though, this wall of fire, and if you are in the wrong spot it is very dangerous. I love the fact that the best way to restore the Prairie is to burn it.

We have lost the Prairie, what we call the Prairie is nothing like what it used to be. But what is amazing is when Prairie restoration projects are done, the plants, and wildlife and beauty that comes back. It is pretty great that right outside of my little town a couple thousand acres of Prairie is coming back and screaming with life. It is also inspiration to quite a few photographs and a great location to use for family and senior portraits. Natural backdrops are pretty hard to resist.

Of course the Prairie was inspiration for a truly unique American architectural style. Something I am sure you will see photographed in the coming year. I do love Prairie style, and the American Farmhouse style of architecture. I also live in an American Farmhouse style home, built when the Prairies of the Midwest were alive and full of life. I hope you enjoy this prescribed and necessary fact of Prairie restoration and life. Enjoy!

A prescribed and necessary part of a healthy Prairie, the burning of grass.

A prescribed and necessary part of a healthy Prairie, the burning of grass.