Emergency Number…

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”

  • A. A. Milne

I have had to call 911 a few times. I laughed when I read the quote because it made me think of the times when we forget to think. I use www.brainyquote.com every day as a means of inspiration and to find the quotes I use. Some days I search for a quote appropriate to the mood of the photograph and some days I use it as a way to inspire me on what to look for, a mood or feeling. So I read the quote of the day and saw this on the rescue truck and was like perfect.

When I was a much younger lad way back before 911 was available all over these glorious United States, we had to remember 7 digits for an emergency. We had stickers on all the phones that had the number for the Sheriff, the number for the Fire Department and the number for the Ambulance yes that was 3 different numbers. I remembered the Sheriffs office number pretty easy as mom worked there. Then there was the time the phone company changed the system and you had to dial the Area code and then the seven digit number. That is 10 numbers to remember to call for an emergency.

I once called all 10 of those digits because of an Emergency, the dryer caught fire, and forgot where I was and who I was. That is one of the most important things to give the dispatcher aside from what the emergency is, name and the location. Then along came 9-1-1, a simple easy to remember number. You still have to give all that important information, but the dispatcher now has a wealth of information coming into them along with your phone number. Information that can help get emergency services to you. I could go on and on about 911 and how it works but this is already getting long winded. I will only like to add that I am proud to have been an active part of getting the county where I live 9-1-1 emergency telephone service.

A photo of the universal emergency service number.

A photo of the universal emergency service number.