Homemade Rootbeer…

“Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else.”

  • George Halas

There is something about Homemade Root Beer that is truly amazing. A flavor and taste you cannot get out of a can from a mass produced offering. There is a special treat in the Illinois Valley area, homemade root beer from “The Root Beer Stand” in Oglesby. It is made fresh in small batches on premise and available for purchase in Gallon size. The photo you see here is how I have enjoyed a recent gift of half gallon from my younger brother. He picked up a gallon and had some for himself and saved some for me. I help take care of his yard and this was like a spring bonus of what kind of thanks the summer will bring.

I found actually an Ice cream glass, put it in the freezer to chill it, got a large ice ball because they do not melt as fast and water down the drink, and served it up as you see here. I wiped the condensation down and shot it as you see here. It is dark, bold, and yet creamy in its taste, a hint of bubbles and almost a thing to be savored like a fine bourbon or a great cigar. There are always quite a few root beer offerings at the stores, some mainstream and some more craft offerings. This one is great, not to fizzy and all natural.

I have researched recipes for making root beer and the various items you would need to do it yourself. I found several recipes, most of which are almost the same, and then researched how to make it. There are a few steps, a few time saving tips, a few items to purchase. Then it is time and talent and waiting, waiting for it to be just perfect. I was never a beer fan, so this is one beer that I will drink and one beer I would make. It is just a matter of time and equipment, and having space to store it while it is getting awesome. So until then, I will pick up this wonderful ready to drink tasty awesomeness and enjoy it as a special treat on a rare occasion.

A cold glass of homemade root beer.

A cold glass of homemade root beer.