Leaping Lizard…

“The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.”

  • Richard Wright

When I opened my first photography studio, I named it River Studios and had a logo designed that was Riveresque. Part of the design had a reptile of some kind sitting on a rock looking at the sunset. I was never sure what it was, but liked it and used it to represent my business, better than a cutout of a camera in my mind. So about a year had past and I was busy as ever and one of my clients, asked about the lizard on the rock, and they wanted to know if it was my pet. I of course laughed and said no he was part of the logo the design company came up with and I liked it and kept him in there.

Fast forward a few months and all their photos were done and they brought in a gift bag and said “this is for you, a new pet”. I was a bit worried as to what I was going to find in the bag and opened it and here was this little guy. I smiled and of course thanked them and put him on top of my computer monitor, always watching everything. He then when I switched offices sat on my chessboard and guarded it and kept the sides from starting a war, my own dragon as I call him.

Well I have been going through items from the old business, looking for some photos and cleaning up some junk I do not need anymore and found him all tucked away and put him back on that chessboard. He has been returned him to his position of guard preventing an all out battle on the chess board.

My own pet dragon guarding the chess board!

My own pet dragon guarding the chess board!