Moonlit Flag…

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”

  • Thomas Merton

Full moon and a back lit American flag.  There are flags everywhere, big ones, small ones, stickers, clothing, you name it we have flags. We have flags for everything, cities, counties, states, agencies, groups and on and on. Are we over flagged? Have we lost the intentions or is it about pride. I put up quite a few flags for Memorial Day, and 4th of July and make sure they are in good condition, and make sure that they are lit up at night and that they are always displayed with respect and make sure the guidelines for handling and displaying are always followed. Because I appreciate what it stands for.

When I walked out of work and looked up and saw the flag just kind of hanging out in the position of the photo and the halo around the moon, I knew what I wanted to capture. Do you know the rules for properly displaying the flag? Do you know how to display it on your home, what side of the door? How to show mourning depending on how you are displaying it? How to dispose of a tattered and torn flag? I would hope we do not have to have a discussion about country of manufacture for your AMERICAN FLAG!

Google is your friend on this, go out and learn something today, use the internet for good and be just as surprised at me about all of the days you should be displaying a flag and how it should be displayed on those days. Be proud to be a American and put up a flag to show it! Enjoy!


A moonlit flag with a slight breeze.

A moonlit flag with a slight breeze.