Morning Auger…

“Creativity takes courage.”

  • Henri Matisse

When I was a young guy, much younger than I am now, my neighbor John would always say Red Sky in morning sailors take warning, Red Sky at night, sailors take flight. He also had a Hansel and Gretel and witch house, that would tell you if the weather was good or bad. It was a clock and at the top Hansel and Gretel came out one door indicating the weather was good, and if the witch was coming out then the weather was going to be bad. We would sit on his little back porch and talk for hours. That porch started off screened in, then he had storm windows put in, he did that because when he smoked cigars, the cheapest he could get, he could do it there on that porch but not “in” the house.

He sat out there quite a bit, I think it was his place of peace, I know I woke him up from a few naps over the years I would go visit him on that porch. He would tell all kinds of stories on that porch, and I always thought that Red sky thing was just a story, but it is actually based on some truth. Something about particles in the air at the time of day and at the right latitude indicating potential stormy day or a nice night. Amazing how they watched and learned patterns like that. Of course it is something I think we are losing now due to the short attention span we seem to be nurturing.

So this photo, boy did I get off track, was taken on a day it was actually supposed to storm and actually did rain. Red sky in the morning, and I saw these augers across the way and had to capture their silhouette against the red morning sky. And of course when I saw the sky and raced to capture it before it changed, I recalled instantly that old saying that John used to repeat all the time. Enjoy!

A pair of augers silhouetted against the red early morning sky.

A pair of augers silhouetted against the red early morning sky.