Nothing March 27…

“To love an idea is to love it a little more than one should.”

  • Jean Rostand

Well somehow I messed up. I had taken a photograph of some Iris popping out of the ground  and the photo is gone. I was backing up items and reformatting cards for use and preparing for other photo shoots and the photographs are gone. I swore I copied them into the folder. I am very good normally about this backing up and copying and not deleting anything until I am very sure that I usually have a couple of copies of each file. I cannot find the files on the backup disk, there is a curious number of files missing on one of the disks, and I cannot find anything on my computer.

This is not good, I have to make sure that this kind of thing never happens again. So the post is short and not very sweet as I have missing photographs. The last time this happened I actually did find them in an odd file several months later. So I hold out hope that they are around but I have also learned a valuable lesson. Damn A.D.D, slow down, take notes and make sure you have them in 2 places before reformatting the cards. So photographers learn from my mistake.