“Nature is the art of God.”

  • Dante Alighieri

Those of you that know me, know my whole day is planned around food. I have a love of food problem. I mean how could you not in this area. A recent discussion on why Domino’s, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars never made it around this area all came back to really good pizza that is already here! The Illinois Valley has some pretty awesome food. I could eat out every night in this area and never have a bad meal or for that matter spend to much. We are very lucky as far as I am concerned when it comes to good food, quite a few places that have been around for decades, and that is something to say.

So my Mommy was helping my Noni do some food for an Italian feast at Sacred Heart. Peppers, Sausage, in a Tomato gravy! This is the dish that our family has at EVERY gathering, it is the one staple you can count on always being there, always in the same pot simmering away on the counter. Usually there is homemade bread, bowls, cheese and lots of napkins close at hand for this dish. If you have not had this, let me know and next family get together I will bring ya along. Because with our family, no matter what when you are here you are part of the family.

So this image shows you the most colorful part of the dish, the red and yellow peppers, cooking in olive oil in a pan bigger than your head. We were making so much that day that we did it at the fire station, because membership has it privileges. The pans were as big as your head, another pan on the stove had the onions, and earlier that day the 40 pounds of sausage had been cooked and sliced. Put this together in a big roaster and let is cook low and slow for hours and hours and the flavors blend together so well you are taking bites of heaven. Then the bread is used to sop up all the last remaining bits of the gravy in the bowl. By the way, this is the one dish that we always run out of, so you know to get there early. Enjoy, cuz now that my mouth is watering for this, I am going to find the leftovers my mom hid. Yes the one time we made too much, and it gets better every day it sits.

Just one of the ingredients for sausage and onions and peppers and tomatos.

Just one of the ingredients for sausage and onions and peppers and tomatoes.