“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

  • Ansel Adams

This is a Pinhole image. I purchased a pinhole lens in the “Holga” style and started to play around with it. I have tried a few varied suggestions and it is not really giving me what I want. I imagined these long long exposures and dreamy images. I tried it outdoors, I tried it indoors, and just to warn you all, I tried it for a few days. That means there will be another one of these like real soon.

I understand the concept but the execution is not what I am expecting. It just looks like an out of focus soft grainy image. I have read of vivid colors and a dreamy like image but this is nothing I cannot do in post processing for the most part. Hell I hate most of those filters and think of nothing more silly than an overuse of filters. I even have one called, wait for it, “Holga”. That means I can with a single click take my beautiful sharp image and convert it to something else. And nothing says amateur to me more than an overuse of filters. They are used so much anymore that I wonder if we know what is real or not.

It is almost like photographic printing labs, you can print your photos at any number of those big box retailers and get a cheap print. Or you can print it at a professional level lab and pay more and get an amazing print. I suppose what I am saying is two sided, a cheap effect or an understanding of how the process works. I guess I need to keep working on that pinhole thing because so far it is kind of a cheap effect. Enjoy

Practicing with a "holga" style pinhole lens for my camera.

Practicing with a “holga” style pinhole lens for my camera.