“Are ye the ghosts of fallen leaves, O flakes of snow, For which, through naked trees, the winds A-mourning go?”

  •   John B. Tabb

So all of the talk of the weather and the blizzard and the cold and the snow. I waited until dark and decided to simply drive around and catch those few remaining Christmas decorations that were still up. I drove around and snapped from the car window and the falling snow softened the images. I have several images I could use and wanted to use, but this one seemed almost like a old post card to me. Grainy, warm, inviting and wintery and old looking.

I once put up over 20,000 lights, it took weeks and awed those who drove past and I am sure drove my neighbors crazy from the glow. But I am a holiday decorator, not as big as I used to, but I do decorate. Not to many have 10 foot hearts or 12 foot tall Shamrocks, or the giant wooden cross and lest not forget my Olympic Rings. Keep an eye out for all those decorations. Oh on a lighter note,I wonder what people think as they see a car in the middle of the road, and camera pointed towards their home. Not a window peeper. Hopefully they see the finished photo and enjoy it.