Sepia Barn…

“Death is the ugly fact which Nature has to¬† hide, and she hides it well.”

  • Alexander Smith

At the rate I am going, I will have enough barns to do a calendar and a maybe a book for your coffee table. Trust me there will be quite a few more barns before the year is out. I need some storms, some of these barns need a dark and stormy night or lightning. I am hoping I can find some of those save this location for later spots. I am also going to have to start driving farther and farther out as I am running out of spots within the 45 minutes or so drive from my house. Well not really, there are plenty of places to still shoot but the color has to change, I mean it needs to start getting spring and showing it!

I love that through the digital darkroom, I was able to edit this to look more like those old dust bowl era photographs I had seen on the History channel. A little hazy, with browns and oranges and stark due to the strong side lighting. I look at what I can do with photographs now and the more I take and the more I work with the software, the better the photographs I take become. I saw a famous black and white photograph once that had ink notations all over it. The notes were from the photographer telling his printer dodge this, burn that, blur this and so on. That is how it was done, you made a print in the darkroom and then turned on the lights and looked at it. Then you saw what needed to be done and went about making it better.

Color was even more involved than black and white and not as forgiving a medium. I will say I learned on the first version of Photoshop and boy was that labor intensive. Time flies and what we can do now I would have never imagined. This barn, used to store all the field would produce and the equipment needed to work it. Now it sits empty a place for animals to seek shelter and a few rusty pieces of equipment long forgotten. Enjoy!

A dusty barn captured in the twilight of its use.

A dusty barn captured in the twilight of its use.