Sunny Hills…

“Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life.”

  • Michael Korda

I have seen this image recurring over and over this spring. The sun making awesome long shadows on the hills, warm with that late afternoon color, that you really can only get in spring, and still water hanging out until the ground fully thaws. I finally caught the right day and time and location and stopped in the middle of a hill, flashers going, raced across the road into the ditch and composed this image. I moved around so I could put the sun behind some trees, and left in the flare caused by the sun striking the lens directly. I will say, I used my new version of Lightroom 5 to assist with straightening this image.

Wide angle lenses can cause what is known as a keystone type of distortion. this can make objects with straight lines point in or out of the image. There has been some form of lens correction and it gets better with each new version of Lightroom. This new version 5 has the ability through software to find straight edges and make them vertical or horizontal again. Fixing that bowing in or out of the image that lines can and will do because of lens distortion. This is an awesome tool and does nothing but enhance the photo and make it more like the image I saw when I first captured it.

You look at an image like this and you want to go explore. You know the sun is warm, the ground firm and path inviting. Enjoy!

A sunny rolling hit warmed by the late afternoon sun.

A sunny rolling hit warmed by the late afternoon sun.