Talking fire…

“Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.”

  • Robert Frost

There is something so wonderful and relaxing about watching a fire burn, warmth, light and enchantment. The fire department was participating in a controlled burn of Prairie Grass and when we completed the burn of the grass, we found a few brush piles and figured we would help out the property owner. So me being the fire lighting dude, I aimed the weed torch and slowly got this massive pile under way. It was amazing to watch it slowly roar to life, getting bigger and almost taking on a life of its own.

I wished I had a cigar, and glass of bourbon for this, of course I was working for the fire department so the bourbon was out. But a chair, a cigar and watching the fire burn is so peaceful and relaxing. Throw in some friends and it just would be perfect. Stop though and reflect on this, when man created fire it brought him out of the dark. It made him safe, hell it even allowed him to cook his food. Of course I do enjoy a rare steak. Let me wander off topic, the last steak I ate out was so rare it was cold in the middle. It was a top cut of meat, seasoned, charred and cut like butter. Some of the people at the table were in awe of just how raw it really was. However for those wanting more than raw, nothing cooks better than open fire.

The heat, light and crackle of a fire is something tied to our very being. Something that we are all drawn to, I mean light a fire and people will gather and enjoy. Of course a fire is a part of camping, something I do not take part in. So friends take note, if I cannot take a shower and sleep on a warm bed away from creepy crawlies then I do not want to take part. You know what is cool though, on any given weekend night in small town America where I live, you could find at least half a dozen bonfire or recreational type fires and most of them do not require an invite. How could you live anywhere else.

So I do challenge you to look at this image, and tell me what you see. I know what I see. The fire dances and talks to you and puts on a display of animation. There are a few things I see. Enjoy!