Toasting Fools…

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

  • Diane Arbus

This is one of a pair of Waterford Toasting flutes from the Millennium. It is actually signed but one of the Waterford Masters who designed it. It was a Christmas gift from my Mom, who thought I could use it in a photograph as a prop. I did actually use it for a wedding shoot once as a prop more to humor her more than anything. This is one of my most favorite of all things I have.

I have photographed over 700 weddings in my photographic career and I have seen quite a few toasts. Some were good, some were eh just OK, and some are never to be spoken of again. I mean sometimes I am there at the ready, camera poised, and the toaster says something that the toastee is wishing would have been forgotten about in a drunken stupor the moment in the past that it had occurred. It is at those moments that I can truly capture something special, that look of bewilderment, that deer in headlights. It has only happened a number of times and it was good photography every single time.

I was recently reminded of a toast I gave at my baby sisters wedding. A toast I am told that proves I have a heart, that I am capable of that L word. I of course have passionately denied this as I do not show emotions. Well that is not entirely true, as I have passion, and I have anger, and I have a love of family, just not a desire to couple up. I have said I have a hard enough time sleeping in bed by myself let alone with someone else in there. I just do not get it as I know quite a few people who sleep in separate rooms later on in the relationship. Of course if someday my cold hard heart thaws and I move onto a relationship, I will have these to toast to it with. Of course I want you to think about this as I end my Toasting post, Lucy and Ricky had separate beds on TV. Thank god for Google because there is a whole couple of lettered generations who will have to search to find out what I am talking about. I suddenly feel old but not alone!

A signed Waterford millennium Champagne Toasting flute!

A signed Waterford millennium Champagne Toasting flute!