Weathered Barn…

“Life is short, the art long.”

  • Hippocrates

I left early to go meet a buddy at Menard’s and of course the camera was in the truck. I left early for something and went out and took some photographs. I never leave early, actually the buddy I was meeting always jokes that there is time and then there is Q time. He references the fact that my time is flexible, that sometimes 10 minutes means 40 minutes and sometimes it means I have to be called and asked if I am coming, kind of a reminder. Now I must clarify meetings, work, etc are usually a bit early or right at the appointed time . But the rest of my life is entirely at my open concept of time. I of course blame my A.D.D.

So I sidetracked through the country on this road trip, because the sun was getting late in the day and it was warming everything up. So I went on my quest knowing that the sun light being given off would warm up whatever it touched. I meandered through the country found a few things and settled on this barn out by the county line. It looked weathered and time tattered and gave a hint of still being used by the equipment sticking out from inside. The spring skies are so clear and crystal blue at times it is almost unrealistic in its color.

I wonder what the stories this barn could tell or what the future will bring. You can see small towns and farms dotting the low flat horizon as this barn sits with an almost commanding view of the prairie. I wonder will it be fixed and maintained, so its role as storage will continue? Will it be replaced with a boring utilitarian metal box? Maybe The wood would be re-purposed in a house or as furniture it is hard to say. Enjoy the warmer days and longer nights.

An old wind tattered barn/crib with a commanding view of the Prairie.

An old wind tattered barn/crib with a commanding view of the Prairie.