Wood Relief…

“In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.”

  • Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

So I was out and about and looking for some textures to photograph on this 4th day of April, and saw some wood. I snapped a few photos and while zooming in and out and looking for interesting textures or trying to find something to “see”in the wood, I was amazed that it actually looked like a terrain map. Hills and valleys, as if it could be some area as seen from above from a plane. The black and white of this I thing enhances the textures. I saw this final edit and instantly thought of flying over the Mountains or the Grand Canyon and remember seeing something similar.

For the longest time I had only flown on single engine planes and only for short trips. I would go up for aerial photographs for various clients and would not get up very high. Most of those photos are taken within 1000 feet after all. So the first jet plane trip was back in 2007, my cousin and I went to Seattle. He was going for a medical conference and of course to watch his beloved White Sox be beaten by the Mariners. I still describe that earth shaking, push you back into your seat white knuckle take off from Midway Airport as if it just happened to me yesterday. I laugh about it now but at the time it was a bit scary, I mean they damn near have to stand the plane up on its tail to get it off the ground and out of the way of buildings.

As this was my first time on a big plane, my cousin Damo, the world traveler, knew of the best spot for the views out the window and put me in the window seat. I was like a little kid discovering everything for the first time. You know he still laughs because at one point I was looking out the window and actually stated, “Oh look, there are clouds” as if I had never seen them before. Well I had not from that angle, looking at them from the top, they pretty much look the same as from the bottom. The weary business traveler sitting next to us laughed and asked my cousin who I kept making look out the window and the clouds and the terrain, and asks if this was my first time in a plane. They had a good laugh but I did not really care. I always try to find a window seat, so much to see as you allow life to wiz on by. It is amazing the memories that can be stirred by a photograph of a piece of wood. What will you remember? Enjoy!

A close up of some wood showing a texture that almost looks like lines on a map.

A close up of some wood showing a texture that almost looks like lines on a map.